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URGENT: possible funding source (deadline: June, 1)

Hi all,

there’s an easy application we could fill to get $5000 for further development of LT. We should try to make some positive case, not just “further development”. I thought I could write up something today but I simply had no time to think this through. Here’s the announcement:


I’ve done some fact checking and it seems that the organization running is less than credible.
As such I highly doubt the legitimacy of the offer.

So please share your facts, so that we could check them as well.

As far as I know, the foundation is a fairly large operation, and I saw no lack of credibility there. In fact, some time ago, I agreed to be on their advisory board, so I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me what’s wrong with this.


Many thanks again for sharing. I hope that some project comes out of this.
I have one proposal in Wikipedia, and I received similarly odd reactions.

Best regards, Marcin.

Nicht wertend, oder dass ich mich näher damit beschäftigt hätte, man findet aber folgende links:

Hat aber auch mehr mit lifeboat foundation an sich, als mit dem funding Anbot zu tun.

that was the meat of the facts I was talking about.
I’ve tried to find more recent third-party (and thus less likely to be biased) info on the site, but the only things I found (after filtering out the second-party shills) were doesn’t-even-touch-the-surface site-checkers (the kind that gives even the most blatant laundering sites an A+.)