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Usability: language now stored

Small new usability feature: on, the language you use is now stored in a cookie and it’s the default language when you visit next time. This currently only works on the homepage (, not yet on the sub pages ( etc.)

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It should now also work on sub pages like

@dnaber wrote:

It should now also work on sub pages like

The cookie is useful if we don’t specify a language in the URL, i.e. when the URL

But I don’t think that we should set the language with a cookie when the URL
specifies the language. I find this very confusing. If I give a URL like then I’d expect that the language is set to German.

Hmmm, but then there is no for English.
I don’t think it’s nice that English behaves differently than other languages.
It would be better if there was a page
which is in English, and the text to be checked is always English.
Only the page would remember the language
with a cookie, but it can default to English if there is no cookie.

For first-time visitors without a cookie, you still get German at I think there are quite some external links from the web to these sub pages, but people might still use to check English text, just because it’s the link they clicked on first.

Having would be nice in any case, any help with creating it is welcome.