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Usage of the word too

I don’t know if this is where I should post this. When I use the word too meaning excessively I get an error saying I should use to. Perhaps this is an ngram problem, but I’m using languagetool 4.6 in LIbreoffice on a linux mint 20 cinnamon.

Hi Melvin, could you post a full example sentence that causes this false alarm?

Daniel I have been unable to duplicate the error. While I waited for your answer, I updated to a later version of Languagetool. I rediscovered why I use the old version. The newer version is a mess when it comes to apostrophes in possessives and contractions. I reinstalled the older version because the usage of too wasn’t as big a problem, but today when I tried to recreate the problem with too it worked fine. I don’t know why the reinstall fixed the problem.

Oops I found the sentence: “Place your hands under your arms,” she ordered, “The fire heats them too fast and makes them hurt more.” This sentence is from a novel I’m writing. There were others also, but I don’t remember where they are. I don’t think the fact this sentence is dialog that makes it show an error. If I replace the word fast with rapidly, I don’t get an error.

I can’t reproduce this on This means it has probably been fixed already, as the website always runs the latest version.