Use EnglishUnpairedQuotesRule and EnglishUnpairedBracketsRule

I am having trouble getting matches from the EnglishUnpairedBracketsRule using v5.8.

I am using the following sentence to attempt to trigger the rule: “This sentence contains an unpaired [bracket.”

I have tried explicitly enabling the rule by its id: “EN_UNPAIRED_BRACKETS”. I have also tried running LanguageTool without any special instructions about enabling rules. In both cases, LanguageTool returns no matches.

I have also tried referencing the EnglishUnpairedBracketsRule as an XML filter, but obtain errors when I omit args (filters apparently require args) and when I include args (this filter apparently does not accept args).

I would love to reference the rule from XML itself or configure LanguageTool to automatically run the rule. Can anyone provide guidance?

I suggest using the latest version, 6.4. It works for me using that version.

That won’t work, as it’s a rule, not a filter.

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