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User dictionaries on on-premise (selfhosted) servers

Hello, I am currently prototyping and looking for spellingchecking alternatives. For that I host languageTool (derived from one of the community docker images), as it will be used to spellcheck sensitive data that should not be accessible to third parties. One requirement of the editor for spellchecking is to have custom dictionaries per user and I found the
REST interfaces here: LanguageTool Plus HTTP API

When I am calling these interfaces on my on premise system the logs show that the underlying database used for storing the words is not configured. On the languagetool website I could not find any guide on how to setup such a database, wether a Premium Account is required to do so and if it required at all for on premise installations.

I had a look into the actual code of LT and saw some SQL files that seem to be used by the my_batik framework to initialize a database but comments within the file also suggest they might be for unit tests only.

So I have following questions:
What steps do I need to perform to get both REST endpoints for adding words to work on my on premise system?

  • Is a premium license required for on premise operation of LT and if so who might I contact about details?
  • What are the advantages of using LT with premium license compared to a non premium license?

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Having a database isn’t really supported. You can add your words to ./org/languagetool/resource/en/hunspell/spelling_custom.txt (for English) instead and restart LT.

So this endpoints!/default/post_words_add
is basically dead or is it only avaiable when using LT through LTs offical API?

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It’s cloud-only, i.e. for those who have a paid API access (LanguageTool - API, Open Source and Developer information).

Would it be possible to buy this functionality for on-premise hosted instances?

Could you contact us via the support email (see LanguageTool - Imprint)?