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Using JLanguageTool for multiple textareas in a Java GUI

(Prasenjit Ghosh) #1


I’m trying to replace our old spell checker and implement LanguageTool in our GUI project. Our application involves multiple textareas where we need to use this. They are not multi-threaded, i.e. only one textarea will be used at a time.

I am trying to use the gui package (org.languagetool.gui) from GitHub source, but facing huge memory issues and OutOfMemory errors. All our TextAreas are loaded during application load and I’m creating a new LanguageToolSupport object during TextArea initialization and passing the respective textarea in the constructor. This creates a huge memory overhead and stops the application load.

The only close reference to this problem I found in this forum is the following -

But the description and solution there seems very old and doesn’t refer to the usage of the GUI package. Hoping to find more help here. Thanks in advance.