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Using LanguageTool With TexStudio

(Felipe Fonseca) #1

Hi Guys!

I’ve already look all other post about this theme, but i can’t fix my problem.

I’m Using TexStudio 2.12.10 (lastest version) and LanguageTool 4.3 (lastest version too).

I can’t run the LanguageTool automatically when TexStudio Starts. The only way i found to LanguageTool works is:

1 - Start Manually LanguageTool.jar
2 - Configure TextStudio like that:

Server URL http://localhost:8081/
LT Path: “LanguageTool_DirectoryInstallation\languagetool.jar”
LT Arguments: org.languagetool.server.HTTPServer -p 8081

3 - Start TextStudio after LanguageTool

I’m using Windows10.

I’ve try all options to run LanguageToolServer but when i try check LanguageTool status, the TextStudio returns me:

LT Status: error.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!

(Daniel Naber) #2

We’re not experts in TexStudio, so maybe you’ll have more luck when asking on the TexStudion forum. In general, when accessing http://localhost:8081 with a browser and it says “Error: Missing arguments for LanguageTool API.”, LT seems to be running fine.