Using LT behind NPM (reverse proxy manager Nginx)

Hello everyone!

I am trying to correctly set LT up on a self-hosted Docker/Portainer server. I’ve managed to get the server up, but it’s only on HTTP (plain text protocol, at least I think so). Furthermore, I wanted to encrypt the traffic between my clients and the server. If I do the suggested curl test with HTTP protocol the result seems to be ok. But, it just plainly hangs if I try to use the encrypted HTTPS protocol.

I am using erikvl87 docker hub image. And the reverse proxy manager itself is nginx proxy manager on the same Docker/Portainer server. How can I solve this? I’ve searched around here for this peculiar setup (as well as around the web) but did not find much that I could base myself up on.

Also, I am an enthusiast and hobbyist. But quite eager to learn.

Lastly, thank you for your tool. It is really amazing. I am considering a subscription. It strikes me as a wonderful piece of software.


Hello everyone!

Using the information in this url:

I’ve managed to make it work.

Basically I had to add

      - DOMAIN=lt.domain.etc
      - VIRTUAL_PORT=8010

environment variables, (in Portainer I used the load env from a file and added it in the compose file with the stack.env value for the env_file parameter), updated the stack, and, last but not least, I started to use the URL to the LT server without the port number, because that was already taken care inside the NPM facility already. Dumb me…:woozy_face:

Issue solved.

Thank you to everyone.

See you soon!


Hi there @McCurly,

I am trying to replicate this on an LXC container that lives in Proxmox. Just to clarify, you defined these environmental variables for the Ngnix Proxy manager (npm) container settings, if I understood correctly. It is a little counterintuitive to me, since the hostname of this container normally doesn’t have to be the same with the hostname of the LT service. Similarly, by defining the Letsencrypt host variable as the LT service’s domain name, aren’t we messing with other proxy hosts of npm? I am probably getting this all wrong, but would very much appreciate any explanation/help you may offer.