Very Strange English Language Correction

I’m a subscriber that uses LT in Gmail, Google Docs, LibreOffice, WordPress sites and Discourse Forums I manage. Recently, I’ve been working on documentation for a motion capture system that uses technology similar to that used in real-time translation of vernacular sign-language. Every time I type vernacular sign-language, LT tries to correct it to “sing-language” no matter what I do.

To be clear, sing-language is not saved in my personal library, is not a common term of art, and when I search for the term “sing-language”, Google search assumes that I really mean sign-language, and it returns results for that. As you can see, LT doesn’t even give me the option to save “Sign-Language”, a common term that has existed for generations, to my personal library. What is going on, and how do I resolve this nagging problem?

Could you please send the full sentence? I cannot reproduce this issue yet.

Real-time translation of vernacular sign-language based on prior art in computer vision and machine learning, achieved via pMUT phased array imaging system.

It’s strange, I still cannot reproduce. Does it also happen if you have no links in that sentence? Is there a way for you to share the complete document?

Ran out of time and re-wrote the entire section. Thanks for trying to help.