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What are the rules available for language en-US

We are using your application. We are displaying the error message from XML your tool returns as msg + context. We want to put some connector between this two to make a sentence meaning full. We have used “in sentence” for spelling mistake but i won’t work for all rules since msg sentence is not same prefixed for every rule. Hence i want to know all the possible rules and how to differentiate is.

I’m not sure whether I understand your question, but: every rule has an id, something like ruleId=“UPPERCASE_SENTENCE_START”. You can use that to get the original rule from the grammar.xml file or link it on the web:

A rule has a static name and a dynamic message, which may depend on the sentence in which it matches. Does that help?

Also, you can see all rules at Locally, they are in the file en/grammar.xml.

Thanks for the help. Since you are telling that messages are generated dynamically, I can not put some static connector between and values which will define whole sentence meaning full.