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What has changed in LanguageTool in 2016?

I found this 2016 article on LWN about Grammar tools for Emacs and was wondering if someone here could comment on it, based on their use of the latest LanguageTool version.

I don’t use Emacs but LT does have real-time check in the browser, have there been improvements on the false-positives problems mentioned in the article ?

We constantly improve LT and that includes false alarms. However, the problems mentioned in the article seems to be related more to the add-on. LT is not meant to work on raw HTML code, it’s the add-on’s task to filter input appropriately. Whether on-the-fly checking works also depends on the add-on, not on LT itself. When run as a server, LT is fast enough for on-the-fly checking.

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It’s a good tool but there’s some serious quality of life improvements. Like if it finds an error include a link to the the line the error is on.

At least in Firefox, you just click on the suggestions and it auto corrects. I am not sure how you would specify “link to line” such a context, when the text is plain-text. But well everything is open source, so there is scope for improvement!

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