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What is the encoding for LT to detect text in Tamil language?

Im trying to use LT from command prompt as well as http server in windows for Tamil language to suggest corrections for misspelled words. But it won’t recognize the text file using any of the encoding format (UTF-8, unicode). Is there any possible way to correct it or am I doing it wrong?

For the command line version you need to specify the file’s encoding with the --encoding parameter. The HTTP server expects UTF-8 encoded POST requests.

it was given in the help that -c is for encoding. So I specified -c UTF-8 as switch. It did not help

Sorry, I just checked our support for Tamil and I see that we don’t support spell checking at all for Tamil. This not working is thus not an encoding issue.

Kindly remove that language from the list. I’ve been spending hours working with it for no purpose.