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What is the maxTextLength for the HTTP Server?

I’m using the LanguageTool HTTP Server on my localhost with the config file.

Inside that file, I can change maxTextLength.

I’ve tried to set it to 50000, but I still can’t validate text with 35000 characters. Why?

For testing, I limited the maxTextLength to 5. That works fine for me.

Did you remember to restart the server after making that change? What error message do you get when trying to check a long text?

Do I need a LanguageToolPlus account, even if I use a localhost server?

“This text is a bit too long” (in original German: “Dieser Text ist etwas zu lang”)

Short textes are no problem.

I want to use LT to validate my WordPress articles. And they have 35,000 and more characters.

No. Are you sure the add-on is really talking to your local server? Can you see the server logging the requests?

Like described initially, I’m using a config file and I set maxTextLength to 5. That worked fine: I got an error, while testing a longer text than 5 characters.

To be sure to be right, I’ve done this again, and if I configure it to 5, I get an error. If I set it to 50000 I still can’t test a text with more than 10000 character.

Now I see. Looks indeed like a bug in the add-on, I will discuss with our developers. Thanks for noticing! (The limit is probably 40,000 for you now.)

I’m using the Firefox Add-on to use the server. Do you mean that Add-on?

Can I assist you with any kind of testing? Maybe installing an Add-on for Chrome?

40,000 would be Ok for me.

What is the limit for you? The limit with a local server is probably 40,000 (there should be no limit, but that’s a bug in the add-on, so you’ll need to wait for a new add-on release).

For me personality, 40,000 would be Ok. But imho, there should not a small limit inside the Add-on of a browser. The server admin should be able to allow much larger texts too.

Transferring 100,000 characters should today not a big problem of the internet.

And after a browser sent 200,000 characters, the server can answer the limit, which he can handle (set by the maxTextLength). The browser can handle this, to not send a longer request again.

Maybe the Add-On can store the received limit somewhere, not to send a longer requests again within 24 h…