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What version of hunspell dictionary

I hope, LT is using Hunspell dictionary version Version 2017.08.24
Now the latest version of hunspell dictionary is.,
Version 2018.04.16

How to update to the latest version?? Please help me to do the update.
Because the spell suggestions are not valid for many terms.
e.g., mullite --> mull ite
And please let me know what the edit distance 1, 2, 3 means in hunspell dictionary??

I will update English dictionaries tomorrow.

Thanks yakov.

What edit distance means in hunspell dictionary???
Please let me know.

Have you updated English dictionary???

It means how hunspell generating suggestion for mispelled words.

in progress

I updated the dictionary for en_US, en_CA to default/standard version 2018.04.16.
But word mullite does not exist in this dictionary…

There is an extended version of this dictionary where this word exist, but its creators do not recommend using it to check spelling:

I updated the dictionary for en_GB spellchecker too from (Version 2018-06-01)

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My British speller is the most up to date.

In V2.61 I added all the missing towns from England and New Zealand.

Regarding US+CA+AU I am using Kevin Atikson’s versions.

Kevin is very strict with adding new words, so the best I can say is to open a ticket in his GitHub:

Well, if you get lucky, he might add them.

Thank you very much Yakov…