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What would you think of an In-Page spell checking feature? - Browser plugin script

Hello, I just released a little independent browser script, that makes LanguageTool available live within a website.

Feel free to check it out and test here:

It is a bit hacky as solution, as it requires Tampermonkey and manually configuring domains to work with. What would you think of having this as some kind of integration within LanguageTool?

For me, it proved already useful in QA processes where I don’t have access to any sources. What do you think of it?

I was not sure if I should open a ticket in GitHub for such things, so I wanted to ask here first.

Excited for feedback,
Greetings, Christian

For full disclosure: As my code is open source, I also sent it to Grammarly. For me it’s not about tool choices but to improve how things work in the internet.