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Why doesn’t automatic translation NEVER work?!

Why doesn’t automatic translation NEVER work?
I’m looking for a solution to this problem, but I can’t find anywhere.
Very often I look for Russian words on Russian language pages and I want to have a “preview” of the translation of some of the content it finds on the pages. But every time I refresh, I have to manually, and manually and a million times manually select the translation, and I’m sick and tired of it!


My search engine:

word searched for: пессими́стка

Always translate: NOT WORK!!!

I cannot reproduce this (using Chromium 79.0). Why do you think this is related to LT?

Does it matter? The most important thing is that nobody can help. Because it does not work for all users.
Although the most problems are in version 77 and 78.
I use 76 - because this is the last version where the translation works correctly, each subsequent version contains a translation bug (confirmed by hundreds of users on various forums).
Perhaps in even older versions of Chrome - it works - I have not tested, I do not have very old versions, although I do not hide that once it happened in old versions of Chrome.

This is the LT forum, so if the issue is not related to LT, it’s off-topic here.

Why? I want to add Russian texts and check the spelling? There may be so many results … but e.g. the google search engine has partial view!

Sorry, I don’t understand your problem. The “Always translate” button is a Chrome feature and not related to LanguageTool.

LT often shows grammatical errors. I will not penetrate whether the text is actually good or bad. He wants to find similar text on the internet and see if LT is right or wrong.

Also, I want to check on the internet if a word actually exists when LT reports that the word does not exist or has a spelling error.