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Why pasting text on website removes whitespaces

Why on earth pasting text into textarea on website removes white spaces? I’m unable to paste any pre formatted text (eg. text with code) because because it’s automatically destroyed… Can I somehow disable it? I just need spycheck no reformatting code…

The textarea is HTML which automatically merges multiple spaces into one. We might find a workaround for that, but that might lead to other issues. So the more interesting question is: Where do you originally write your text? Maybe there’s an add-on for that so you don’t have to copy/paste at all?

I’m writing posts for programming blog in WebStorm using markdown. I’ve checked other tools and plugins, but nothing is so good and clean as web version. I even tried to inject on the fly your “integration scripts for websites” to StackEdit which is online markdown editor but with no success either.

I need solution with highlighting whole text like on website, because I have a lot of code inside posts which is recognized as incorrect text. So eg. extension for chrome doesn’t work well in this case because it shows list of mistakes one by one.

PS: I inspected the html code on website and I see that after copy pasting the text is rendered in <p> tags… I think that if you change it to <pre> tag, the format should be preserved.

Pull requests are welcome (, but the code of our TinyMCe is old and I prefer not to touch it. You’re actually the first person to complain about this specific bug I think, so please understand this has no high priority. We’re also working on a better browser add-on that underlines text directly, but I have no estimate yet when that might be ready.