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Why Swing and not JavaFX?

Hi everyone, I just want to know if there is a specific reason why the standalone app was built in Swing and not JavaFX?

The first version of the stand-alone GUI was written at a time when JavaFX didn’t even exist (around 2005)…

I will be interested in a JavaFX re-implementation, if it is inline with your goals. Otherwise, I am just looking at the Copy/Paste Issue which annoys me terribly, may be I can try my luck on it. But I really think the UI will be more nice in JavaFX.

I think the only future-proof way of re-implementing the stand-alone GUI is to use a web-based approach. Basically using the text area as on, but communicating with a local LT HTTP server.

Yep, I unfortunately have to agree to that. Web-based desktop is the future. I am still interested, it will be a learning experience for me. Is there any option outside Electron.JS these days?

I’m not familiar enough with front-end development to answer that. A web search about this topic is probably more promising.