Wiki page jumps back to top


for a while now, if I edit Wikipedia or a similar Wiki, the following happens:

I open the source text editor window and scroll down on the page I want to edit, and scroll down to the passage I want to edit.
The moment I click into the text, the page jumps back to the top.

This happens in Firefox but only if the add-on is active.

Hope you can fix it.


Thanks for the report. Could you please send the link to a page where this happens? Does it happen with the source code editor or with the visual editor? I just tried to reproduce, but it works okay for me.

It happens with the source code editor (Quelltext) in German Wikipedia, not with a special article. I use Firefox, newest version. And it happens only if LT is active.

Thanks, I can reproduce this now and I have created an issue for the developers.