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Wordiness - keeping within your word count by removing or reducing a sentence

I am throwing this open for discussion. Is it possible to use the "Language Tool " for reducing wordiness of a text document.
for example having tokens such as:.

advance notice -> notice
advance planning -> planning
advance reservations -> reservations

also the removal of stop words.

A sentence being reduced of wordiness.

Bad – He carries a briefcase made out of leather.
Good — He carries a leather briefcase.
Bad – For all intents and purposes, the reason Mr. Henderson arrived late for work was due to the fact that he stopped at very many traffic lights that were red in colour.
Good – Mr. Henderson arrived late for work because he stopped at many red lights.
Would like some feed back if this is possible.

Hi James. This is possible, as long as there are rules that match the text. LT currently has 161 rules for redundant text. Your last example would require a rather complicated and very specific rule, though. How rules are developed is documented in our wiki.

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Hi @James,

yes, it is possible to implement such rules.
The redundant terms “advance planning”, “advance reservations” are already detected. (I have added “notice” to the rule).
LT has already rules to detect wordy phrases such as “due to the fact that”. It turns out that the whole category with these rules is inactive by default. Using the standalone version of LT, you can activate these rules.

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