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Working with language Tool in Grammar & Punctuation Checking

Hi All,
I need your support in developing Grammar & Punctuation Checking of a text.Please do guide me with a steps to follow in developing Grammar & Punctuation Checking task using language Tool.


Hi, welcome the LanguageTool. Have you seen It describes the syntax of our XML rules. If you have questions, you can post them here in the forum.


How to highlight the spelling and grammar with colors in the Java Server Page same as in language Tool User interface(i.e ). Please guide us.

Please see for how to use LT from Java.

We followed the given url and created object Jlanguage as below snippet

JLanguageTool languageTool = getLanguageTool(key.getLanguageKey());
List errors = new ArrayList();
for (RuleMatch match : languageTool.check(text)) {
ContentError error = new ContentError();

Now we would like to highlight the match.getRule().getDescription() and match.getSuggestedReplacements() in JSP (not in Swing) with different colors as shown in LT Home page.Please suggest the approach in respective area.