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Writing regular expressions for tokens

(Praneet Khandelwal) #1

I wanted to repeat certain sequence of tokens.For eg:

    <token postag="JJ|NN:.*" postag_regexp="yes" min="0" max="5">
    <token postag="CC" min="0"/>

Both this token need to repeated together. Is there any way it is supported in the LT?

(Daniel Naber) #2

Unfortunately not. For this, we’d need a real regex engine for tokens, and we don’t have that.

(Praneet Khandelwal) #3

Thanks for the information.

(Andriy) #4

Note: you can write Java rules in LT - any logic is possible there.

(Praneet Khandelwal) #5

Till now, I had only been adding grammar rules in a separate xml file. Can you guide or refer me to the process for where and how to add JAVA rules (also what commands to run for compiling them)?

(Andriy) #6

I would start here