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Wron case in german

can you help to make an rule to correct “unserer Testphase war kur” into “unsere Testphase war Kurz”
I tried to use the specific tool:

Unserer Possessiv Fall prüfen Unserer Test war kurz Unser Test war kurz but I do not know where and how i cab insert this into grammar rules thank you for help

just a heads up: ‘wron’ is missing a ‘g’.

I have added a new rule (part 2, part 3) which detects the following errors:

Unfortunately, I could not come up with a good way of providing a suggestion. Hence, the error is marked, but no suggestion provided.

With part 4 I have deleted the detection of

Unserer Testphase war kur.
Unserer Testphase war kurz.

It’s grammatically too close to

Unserer Mutter war schlecht / langweilig / übel.
Unserer Tante ist bekannt, dass du kommst.