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Your opinion: French and non-breaking space

LT has a rule that complains if you use a common space before a colon instead of a non-braking space. What do you think, is that a useful rule to have in the browser or is that too picky?

(The rule is not just for colons I think, so that’s just an example.)

It’s a useful rule in my opinion, as otherwise the colon can appear
on the next line which is quite ugly. Spaces before colon is specific
to French. I am not aware of other language that put space before
colon. But I understand that it can also be considered more nit-picky
than an obvious grammar error. User can normally decide what rules
to enable/disable, but the interface can be too complex as it’s just a
flat list with many rules to enable/disable. In contrast, Grammalecte
(a French grammar checker) has a nicer form to enable/disable some rules.
See screenshots at

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