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Bug: (copy-)Paste replaces whole line instead of adding

Hi LT-team.

First, nice work. I lately switched from grammerly over to here, and like the way it feels and what it corrects.
But today I observed an interesting and very annoying behavior over at the BaseCamp website.

I wrote some line, and wanted to append a URL (copied from the Browser location bar) at the end of the last line I just wrote. But what the replacement did was just replace the whole line and f***ed up the undo history, since undoing that pasting step just ignored what just happened and undid things I changed in the last before. There was no way to retrieve the last line that got replaced.

For fun, I just rewrote the line, and tried to paste again at the end of the line, and the same thing happened again. So it is kind of reproducible. The third time, I just prepended my line before the URL, to not have to write that again :slight_smile:

Would be nice if someone can check it up.
And if this forum is not the right place to put a bug report, you could point me to the right location.

Some environment notes:
I use the plugin within Firefox 67.0 on an Ubuntu derivate and wrote in English.

Hi Georg,

can you check if this happens only when LanguageTool is active?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Yes, it does not happen without active LT.

I can reproduce. Thanks, Georg (I think we know each other, don’t we? :slight_smile: )


Yes, we do. The world is a small one. :smiley:

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Basecamp uses their self-created Trix WYSIWYG editor library.
When inserting a suggestion programmatically, we weren’t exactly simulating the events that a normal input by a user would have triggered. This caused some inconsistencies. I also created a more detailed bug report in the Trix repository.


BTW: Chrome was also affected, but not as bad as Firefox.

This will require further testing on our side. It will take us 1 - 2 weeks until we have rolled out this fix to all Chrome and Firefox users.

The fix has been rolled out 100% to all Chrome and Firefox users.