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Double-clicking languagetool.jar does not launch program

(Mark Dennett) #1

I am trying to run an evaluation version of LanguageTool on a Windows 10 PC. I have installed Java version 8, but double-clicking languagetool.jar does not launch the program. A black box flashes up briefly but that is all. Any ideas please?

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #2

have you checked the task manager or Process Explorer if you have that? It's possible that you activated the server-program instead of the client-program. (had something similar with Freeciv once, which (last time I played at least) has a limited server-side UI.)

(Mark Dennett) #3

Can't see any relevant in process explorer. I have associated the .jar file with Java.exe. Is that correct?

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #4

how long does Process Explorer show java.exe among the running programs after you have double-clicked languagetool.jar?

(Mark Dennett) #5

I don't see it in process explorer at all. If it does run at all, it must only be for a very short time.

(Daniel Naber) #6

I think so. What happens when you try to start it from the command line, using java -jar languagetool.jar? For that, you need to cd to the directory first where LT is.

(Mark Dennett) #7

(Daniel Naber) #8

You need to type exactly this (when in the LT folder that contains the languagetool.jar file):

java -jar languagetool.jar

(Mark Dennett) #9

Finally, the application is launched. Thanks very much. Do you know why I have to launch it by the command line, rather than the .jar file?

(Daniel Naber) #10

Actually no... Maybe the connection from *.jar to Java.exe doesn't work for some reason or maybe you have more than one version of Java on your system and have connected the wrong one.

(Mark Dennett) #11

Just the one, 64 bit, version actually. Thanks for your Help. It's good to see the app working. I can't see any reference to an STE dictionary in the app. Do this need to be loaded into it?

(Mike Unwalla) #12

@markd , you started LanguageTool. You did not start the TechScribe STE checker. LanguageTool does not not have rules for STE.

(Mark Dennett) #13

I did not replace the disambiguation and grammar files that you send me. My mistake, I missed this step. I now have the STE rules and see the following screen. Is this not correct?

(Mike Unwalla) #14

@markd , yes, sort of. I will send you an e-mail to clarify.

Please send all your questions about the STE term checker to me at TechScribe (you have my e-mail address). This forum is for questions that are related directly to LanguageTool. Thanks.

(Mark Dennett) #15

Hi, although I can get LanguageTool to to work from the command line, I still can't get it to launch by double-clicking languagetool.jar. I have associated .jar files with java.exe for 64 bit, but I just see a black box flash up for a split second. Just wondering if anyone could suggest anything else I could try. Thanks

(Jan Schreiber) #16

You have to make sure the command that is executed when double-clicking is
java -jar "%1"
The %1 is a placeholder for the respective .jar file.
When you install Java, it should do that automatically.
This superuser discussion might help.

(Mark Dennett) #17

Thanks. I set the registry to , but no luck I'm afraid.

(Jan Schreiber) #18

Looks as if there is no space before -jar.
If adding a space does not help, I'd recommend a fresh install of Java. The Java installer should add that registry key automatically. The expected behavior is that .jar files can be opened by double-click after install.
Sometimes the key is "hijacked" by other software installed later, such as zip utilities, because jars are just zip archives.

(Mark Dennett) #19

Thanks for you advice, I have reinstalled Java but no luck I'm afraid.

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #20

do other jars behave the same way? If so, you may need to use regedit and remove

This should force Windows to ask for the proper course of action