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Double-clicking languagetool.jar does not launch program

I am trying to run an evaluation version of LanguageTool on a Windows 10 PC. I have installed Java version 8, but double-clicking languagetool.jar does not launch the program. A black box flashes up briefly but that is all. Any ideas please?

have you checked the task manager or Process Explorer if you have that? It’s possible that you activated the server-program instead of the client-program. (had something similar with Freeciv once, which (last time I played at least) has a limited server-side UI.)

Can’t see any relevant in process explorer. I have associated the .jar file with Java.exe. Is that correct?

how long does Process Explorer show java.exe among the running programs after you have double-clicked languagetool.jar?

I don’t see it in process explorer at all. If it does run at all, it must only be for a very short time.

I think so. What happens when you try to start it from the command line, using java -jar languagetool.jar? For that, you need to cd to the directory first where LT is.

You need to type exactly this (when in the LT folder that contains the languagetool.jar file):

java -jar languagetool.jar

Finally, the application is launched. Thanks very much. Do you know why I have to launch it by the command line, rather than the .jar file?

Actually no… Maybe the connection from *.jar to Java.exe doesn’t work for some reason or maybe you have more than one version of Java on your system and have connected the wrong one.

Just the one, 64 bit, version actually. Thanks for your Help. It’s good to see the app working. I can’t see any reference to an STE dictionary in the app. Do this need to be loaded into it?

@markd , you started LanguageTool. You did not start the TechScribe STE checker. LanguageTool does not not have rules for STE.

I did not replace the disambiguation and grammar files that you send me. My mistake, I missed this step. I now have the STE rules and see the following screen. Is this not correct?

@markd , yes, sort of. I will send you an e-mail to clarify.

Please send all your questions about the STE term checker to me at TechScribe (you have my e-mail address). This forum is for questions that are related directly to LanguageTool. Thanks.

Hi, although I can get LanguageTool to to work from the command line, I still can’t get it to launch by double-clicking languagetool.jar. I have associated .jar files with java.exe for 64 bit, but I just see a black box flash up for a split second. Just wondering if anyone could suggest anything else I could try. Thanks

You have to make sure the command that is executed when double-clicking is
java -jar "%1"
The %1 is a placeholder for the respective .jar file.
When you install Java, it should do that automatically.
This superuser discussion might help.

Thanks. I set the registry to , but no luck I’m afraid.

Looks as if there is no space before -jar.
If adding a space does not help, I’d recommend a fresh install of Java. The Java installer should add that registry key automatically. The expected behavior is that .jar files can be opened by double-click after install.
Sometimes the key is “hijacked” by other software installed later, such as zip utilities, because jars are just zip archives.

Thanks for you advice, I have reinstalled Java but no luck I’m afraid.

do other jars behave the same way? If so, you may need to use regedit and remove

This should force Windows to ask for the proper course of action