Firefox addon : activate/deactivate quick option

I use Firefox extension Correcteur de texte - LanguageTool – Adoptez cette extension pour 🦊 Firefox (fr)

I don’t want to use on all website, but only sometime on some specific website.

I like to have an activate/deactivate button, like we have (for example) for Tampermonkey.

Is it possible to have such feature in browser add-on ?

This is already possible here in the advanced settings:

Ok, only in professional version then ?
Just check on free version : unchecking this checkbox : LT still active everywhere.
Firefox 115.4.0esr

I disable/enable plugin when i need .

I make a test with the new/beta version after.

I’ve just tried it and this is how it will look at domains that are not explicitly listed (i.e. LT if off, but you can activate it):


This feature is available everywhere, not just in the premium version.

Restarted, etc …

But for example : activated on by default)

The «parameters for this site» are enabled by default.

(tested with beta version too : same issue)

OK on Firefox 119.0.1
But not on Firefox 115.4.0esr (Debian version)