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Firefox extension: port to Thunderbird?

This tool is really great.
But I need it much more in Thunderbird than in Firefox.
Can you consider porting the Firefox Add-on to Thunderbird ?


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There already is one (not by the LanguageTool team though):

Unfortunately the Grammar-checker doesnt work anymore with latest version of TB.

As OP, I think LT needs a plugin for Thunderbird, could it be possible to make the existing Firefox compatible?

Firefox has changed its way of developing add-ons to WebExtensions, I think this is not compatible with Thunderbird. So a new extension would need to be developed, or the existing extension would need to be updated.

Thanks for your reponse dnaber, sure, how can I help in this way? I really think a standalone TB extension would be amazing.

The best way is probably to download and try to make it work again. As the add-on hasn’t been updated for quite some time, it will still use our old API (which doesn’t work anymore), so you’d need to port it to the new one documented at

If you have questions, let us know here in the forum. We had never offered an official Thunderbird add-on, so I’m not sure if we can help with Thunderbird-specific questions.

Please, please, please,

Could someone work on the Thunderbird add-on?

It would be extremely useful.

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