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Getting involved in supporting Languagetool

Hi everyone.

I work at Texthelp where we make software to help students and adults with Dyslexia and people who are learning or working with English as their second language. We have been working on the fringes of Grammar for many years, and have amassed a good deal of knowledge around spelling, homophones, idioms, text maturity and writing analytics.

As a company we want to get involved in supporting LanguageTool, and are ready to commit some man hours to the project. We hope initially to create some rules for the 1500 groups of homophones that exist in English.

We plan to run a LanguageTool service for our users, possibly with a customised rule set for our specific use cases, but intend to do what we can in the spirit of open source to improve LanguageTool for everyone where it is practical.

We will have up to 4 people working on the project here - 2 developers part-time and 2 rule editors.

English will be our focus. We had a call with Mike Unwalla earlier who suggested I post here to let people know what we are planning.

We are looking forward to the project - somewhat nervous to be among an expert group as we have not much experience yet. Please be patient with us as we learn :slight_smile:

Best Wishes,

Hi Martin, welcome to LanguageTool! Great to hear about your plans to contribute. For the homophone topic, have you already checked out this wiki page and the list of confusion pairs (as we call them)?

Just recently, there was also a post about using neural networks to address this issue. Both approaches currently cannot deal with multi-token words like you're vs. your.

Please keep us updated and let us know if you have questions.


Is this project still going? Are there still plans for release?