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How to make spellling of the text at once in two languages?

(Саша Черных) #1

(I apologize, I am a beginner in LanguageTool.)

LanguageTool 3.4 Stand-alone for desktop.

I write texts where together with words from Russian there are words from English. When I check my texts for LanguageTool, the program shows many errors.

English errors

But it not errors, it words from English.

I read about bitext mode. But I can’t start it.

java -jar e:/LanguageTool/languagetool.jar --tray -m ru-RU -l en-US -b2

It’s no work.

What do I have to make that program didn’t define the word from English as wrong?


(Daniel Naber) #2

Sorry, this isn’t supported. Bitext mode is something different, it’s used to check text translated from one language into another (but not in the same document).

(Саша Черных) #3

@dnaber, whether it is planned in LanguageTool multilangual spellchecker as Chrome, for example? Thanks.

(Daniel Naber) #4

We don’t have plans for that, sorry.