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How to make spellling of the text at once in two languages?

(I apologize, I am a beginner in LanguageTool.)

LanguageTool 3.4 Stand-alone for desktop.

I write texts where together with words from Russian there are words from English. When I check my texts for LanguageTool, the program shows many errors.

English errors

But it not errors, it words from English.

I read about bitext mode. But I can’t start it.

java -jar e:/LanguageTool/languagetool.jar --tray -m ru-RU -l en-US -b2

It’s no work.

What do I have to make that program didn’t define the word from English as wrong?


Sorry, this isn’t supported. Bitext mode is something different, it’s used to check text translated from one language into another (but not in the same document).

@dnaber, whether it is planned in LanguageTool multilangual spellchecker as Chrome, for example? Thanks.

We don’t have plans for that, sorry.