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Improving of texts in Ukrainian

Hi. I discovered that there are not so many rules when correcting textes in Ukrainian. I would like to fix it and can offer my labor by creating new rules with links to ukrainian dictionaries to proof. It’s a huge field of work, how can I start immediately? I created one rule (to check how it works) and tried to send to developers but it was too complex…

Hi, rule contributions are very welcome. The best way is to submit a pull request (How to submit pull requests for rules), the second best way is to send an email. Let us know if you have any questions.

The hardest way was to send e-mail because there were no e-mail adresses.
It means that I can add new rules only by creating xml-file? There are thousands of new rules for Ukrainian language needed to create. It certainly will take months… But I have a very big desire to improve text checking in Ukrainian.
And the most significant - if I create a new rule, how much plausible is that it will emerge for users no matter if it is free version or premium?
Sorry for my English. Studied German

My address can be found at If you contribute a rule for Ukrainian, it will become part of the Open Source version. Good rules are usually online in less than 24 hours for everyone to use.

I sent 1 rule to your e-mail. Please check.
What does it mean - Open Source version? Not for everyone?

Note: there are over 800 rules for Ukrainian right now (plus thousands of replacements for barbarisms etc), you may want to look at them to check examples.
Also to create really powerful rules most of the time you’ll need to know about tags in Ukrainian POS tag dictionary, you can find more information about it here:
Another thing to keep in mind - before you submit the rule it’s always good to test the rule on some real-world texts to make sure it generates enough true positives and not too many false positives.

“to test the rule on some real-world texts to make sure it generates enough true positives and not too many false positives” - it seems it highlights when creating a new rule
Зауваження 2020-05-03 164127|681x500

Contributed rules will be part of the Open Source version, available on After some days, we sync the Premium version with the Open Source version so both Open Source and Premium users get the rule.

BTW we have a Facebook page where we announce major changes in Ukrainian module of LT and also forum where things can be discussed in detail.

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We already have a rule for “приймати міри” (it’s very flexible as it allows inflected forms of the verb and optional adjective in the middle: приймати серйозні міри).
Please check grammar-barbarism.xml for rulegroup id=“PRYIMATY_VS_BRATY”


BTW if the rule does not find any occurrences in Wikipedia that usually means the rule does not work, Ukrainian Wikipedia has tons of grammatical, speeling and styling issues so the rule should catch at least some matches.

Thanks, I am a member of this forum.
Andriy, can you write directly to me?