Java versions for LanguageTool standalone

Hello Team,

To use LanguageTool standalone, only Java is necessary: What is needed to install LanguageTool as desktop standalone.

To build LT with Maven, you can use Java 11: Cannot build LT with Java 11.

Java is developed by Oracle: Java (software platform) - Wikipedia. Java 11, Java 17, and Java 21 all have long-term support from Oracle.

Free implementations of Java are available from organizations other than Oracle: Free Java implementations - Wikipedia.

My questions (on behalf of a possible customer for the STE checker):

  • Is it possible to use LanguageTool standalone with versions of Java from Oracle other than Java 8? (The possible customer does not want to use Oracle Java 8 because they say that payment to Oracle is necessary.)
  • Is it possible to use LanguageTool standalone with free implementation of Java? If yes, which implementations, and which versions?

Thank you.

Yes, OpenJDK Java 17 works, for example. All other OpenJDK versions should also work, although there might be edge cases where the behavior of regex has changed.

Thanks @dnaber.