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LanguageTool 2022+


2022 has begun, and I expect it to be a changing year for open-source.

I will dedicate all my knowledge to open-source, so that in 2023 it will be the primary choice for users.

In 2022, I will be revising all Portuguese grammar rules and adding new rules to LanguageTool.

If you have suggestions for rules or missing/incorrect dictionary words, don’t hesitate to tell them.

I have developed an advanced linguistic tool, Proofing Tool GUI (PTG), which also has basic support for LanguageTool:

It has a tab named “LanguageTool”, which is still experimental, but useful… for example so that you can know the structure of grammar.xml files.

Also, in the last two menus in PTG, you can sort and remove duplicates from wordlists/text files.

For example, if you have a part in spelling.txt and added.txt with proper names, you can open the file with a text editor, cut the words from it and paste them in the sort gadget of PTG, then you can go to the gadget and cut and paste them in the “delete duplicates” part of PTG, then paste in the original added/spelling text file.

It is as simple as this.

“The future is now!”

Kind regards from,
>Marco A.G.Pinto

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Hi @marcoagpinto, great! I am surely willing to contribute and help in whatever I can, I have some ideas for rules, we may discuss it soon, for now, January is my vacations month, but after I’ll be ready to work.

I, too, have ideas for tons of rules, and I have also started revising the current ones.

See the document:
Rules Structure 20220101.odt (57.3 KB)

I am changing the position of the rules, revising, improving, cleaning, better message suggestions, etc.

As they are ready, I highlight them with a pinkish or orange colour.

I will need some help figuring out the proper place for tons of them (see the first page, which shows the structure of the grammar.xml).


Kind regards,

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