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LanguageTool Plus site translation

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #1

Hello @danielnaber and @tiagosantos

Yesterday I have translated dozens of strings.

I only pressed the button “save” because I would like Tiago to review the strings to make sure it is 100% as planned.


(Tiago F. Santos) #2

I have nothing to do with that project. On my regard, feel free to push whatever you feel it is appropriate.

(Daniel Naber) #3

Marco is probably talking about the new, not about LanguageTool Plus.

(Marco A.G.Pinto) #4

@dnaber and @tiagosantos

I have all strings translated with the exception of one, because I am not sure if I should leave that one in English.

Could Tiago be added to the translation team and review all my strings?


(Tiago F. Santos) #5

This is not your decision Marco. Do your stuff when you can, I do mine when I wish to.
If I disagree with something, you know I’ll be vocal about it.