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Testing the new website

As announced before, I’ve been working on a relaunch of The first version is now available at (username: lt, password: lt). It would be great if everybody could check it out and let me know what’s not working yet and what should be improved.

The source is not on github yet but will be soon. Then, translations can be added. I’m still looking for a system that is easy to use and works better than transifex, but as the first step, we could work directly in the PHP source.

Looks good. I was asked if I wanted to go to :lang. Probably translation item
When I select Dutch, on my phone the purple band above is rather large. The texts are still about English and German, but that is probably translation as well.

On my desktop, the language is not detected (Kubuntu, Dutch). After selecting Dutch from the top menu, the interface is still filled with the English example and menu. When I select Dutch in the dialog right beneath the text, it is changed into Dutch.
But then, the premium box is still there. And the interface is still English (whether that is because there is no translation yet, or not, I cannot see.)
Is the intention to have the review per language?
And the pricing dialog is in English again.

I don’t say things are wrong, but just unexpected (for the final release)

My personal impression (please don’t get me wrong) is: it isn’t much of an improvement yet. It used to be blue, and now it is purple. What’s the point? Can you give us a few hints what was changed?

A minor point, but I think it is important: The color of a:visited in the CSS is barely readable against the purple background:

The upper part hasn’t changed much, as it worked fine. Scroll down to see the new structure. We also have a real navigation now for the first time that lets users switch to their language. We also have reference users now and testimonials. Plus the technology has changed, so we’ll have better ways to translate the page (unlike now, where translation strings are scattered over several files).

The purple colour is a bit harsh on the eye.

Pricing: put the information in a table so that it is easy to compare the content of the rows. Remove the purple background from the Premium column. (What does the purple background mean? “This is the best value”; “most people buy this version”.)

The terms and conditions are for LanguageTool Plus, but the website is for LanguageTool. Correct the mismatch.

Clarify the relationship between LanguageTool and LanguageTool Plus. (As best I understand, LanguageTool is the open-source product. LanguageTool Plus is a commercial for-profit customization of LanguageTool. Possibly, on Pricing, add URLs for the home page of LanguageTool (=Free) and LanguageTool Plus (= Premium and Enterprise).)

On the left of the LT icon, the first line of text is: Language Tool [note the space]. That should be LanguageTool.

I agree. I didn’t want to be the first one to say that, because color preferences are subjective. For me it looks ugly.

Some observations:

  • On my smartphone text size is a bit small in places, especially the edit box and the examples at the bottom of the page are hard to read.
  • The page is quite long and therefore the navigation disappears quickly. I think it should stay at the top of the screen when scrolling down
  • The formatting of should be improved (less space between lines, more space in front of headings)
  • On smartphones, the keyboard is in the way after checking the text. I think “Check text” should make the box not editable so the keyboard disappears. Then I can click on the marked words and read the pop-up. Editing the text again could be made possible by clicking anywhere else in the box or a :memo: button.

A table with four columns will not work on a smartphone.

You could make it a scrolling table. (When display is too small for all four columns then show only two at a time ( with perhaps auto-scroll added))

Thanks for the valuable feedback. I’ll try to fix most of it before the site becomes publicly accessible - but I probably won’t be able to fix every detail now.

Who is willing to test a new translation system? I have already translated the strings to German, so a native speaker of any language other than German and English is needed for this. No programming knowledge required, just setting up an account on a website, then adding translations on that site.

I could do this.

Thanks, I have sent an invitation. Please let me know whether you can work with the tool ( or whether it needs explanation.

I can translate into Chinese.

The Chinese translation should be split into zh-HANS for China, Singapore and Malaysia, and zh-HANT for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Ideally, we should have zh-CN, zh-TW, zh-HK, etc but it’s going to be a pain synchronizing these translations with minor vocabulary differences (like en-GB vs en-US).

Let’s keep it as simple as possible for now and have only one variant of Chinese. Maintaining the homepage is already a lot of work the way it is now…

Hi, I am also willing to assist for the Chinese part.

Thanks, you have been invited to I’ll now send invitations to all the language maintainers for whose language we have a sub page.

Every maintainer should have received an email now, subject: “You’re invited to join WebTranslateIt”. If you haven’t, please let me know.

If so, can I suggest that we translate into zh-HANT because we can automatically convert all characters into zh-HANS using OpenCC when we support both variants. Translating into zh-HANS then converting it into zh-HANT is prone to errors because zh-HANS combine several different characters into one character. @t0iiz

That’s a good idea.

In addition, I have got a certificate in the highest level in JLPT. I can also help to translate it into Japanese.