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Memory consumption

Hi there,

LanguageTool (version 4.0) works well for me on Ubuntu 16.04 with LibreOffice 5.4.4, but I incidentally discovered that it uses a looooooot of memory on a 100 pages text document:

  • without LT, LO uses ~ 500 MB
  • with LT, LO uses ~ 6 GB !!!

Does anyone see the same problem? I used a fresh user profile in LO.

Thanks for your help,

Sounds like a memory leak. Similar behavior is reported in [de] Frage zum RAM-Verbrauch vom LanguageTool

And do you see the same problem on your machine?
Could you try with the following document, for example:

OK, I think I understand the issue. I did some tests on various machines with various systems / hardware and I found the following (using the same test document):

  • Machine with 8GB RAM => memory consumption ~1.5 GB
  • Machine with 128 GB RAM => memory consumption ~6 GB
  • Machine with 256 GB RAM => memory consumption ~10 GB

So I guess the LanguageTool Java application allocates an amount of RAM that is roughly proportional to the total hardware available memory.

If it’s true, this is certainly a problem because I don’t want to waste the memory just for grammar checking in a 100 pages document…

Where can I report this issue? Is there a Bugzilla or something like?

Anyway, I found a workaround for this problem: in Tools / Options / Advanced, click on the Parameters button. In the ‘Java start parameters’ field add the string ‘-Xmx512M’ (without the quote), then click OK and restart LibreOffice. Now the LanguageTool (and any other Java application) will be limited to 512 MB RAM. If it’s not sufficient, you can use the string ‘-Xmx1G’ for 1 GB RAM and so on…