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New install from Google Admin

We just installed Language Tools from the Chrome store to our users via Google Admin Console. Works fine for web pages, but not for Google Docs. It tells us we need to get a different extension. Why is this extension on in the Chrome Store? When I try to install this new extension is tells me I cannot.

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What services do I have to open up in Google Admin for this extension to work?

The Chrome vs. Docs ‘problem’ lays in the fact that not every Docs user uses Chrome, by giving Docs it’s own version it’s guaranteed that it’ll be supported no matter the browser used (and reduces wasted space in the browser-extensions for those that don’t use Docs)

I can understand that reasoning. However, we are a school district and our using Google Docs. We also, manage what extensions are installed by our users. If I cannot install the Language Tools extension for Google Docs because only the 1 version comes up in the store we cannot use this product and our teachers would like to .

LT’s front page has a direct link to the Docs version.

I see that too. However, we are installing the extension via google admin console. When I go to the Chrome Store the only version Language Tools has available is:
Version: 1.0.25
Updated: October 2, 2017
When we deploy this it works for everything, but Google Docs. Then I get prompted to install the other version.

Does this help? - I don’t have access to the Google admin console, so I cannot reproduce your problem unfortunately.

I already have the users can install add-ons turned on. I have placed a call to google.

Found a way to install just the Google Docs Language Tools extension. In the Admin Console under device management - user settings. I have to deploy it as a custom app since it will not come up in the Chrome Store. I use the ID of: kjcoklfhicmkbfifghaecedbohbmofkm and then the full URL. Now I just have to figure out which services I have to turn on so it will work with Google Docs.

@rwloch Rick, did you ever resolve this? There’s another user with a similar issue: Marketplace Deployment