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New release of browser add-on

(Daniel Naber) #1

In case you haven't followed development closely, a new version of our browser add-on (Firefox and Chrome) has been released recently. It can now check text automatically while you type (underlining errors is not possible, though):

When no error is found you'll see the green check mark:

If there might be errors, you'll see the number of possible issues:

If you click the icon, you'll get a popup with details:

Get it here now:

Changes in server setup
(Konstantin Ladutenko) #2

Could you move the plugin control to the top right corner? At the moment it takes exactly the same place as a Grammarly plugin controls. As soon as Grammarly plugin has 10+ millions of installations with potential users of LT it doesn't look to be a good idea to make a direct fight between two plugins...

(Jan Schreiber) #3

That's a good idea in my opinion. Apparently everybody wants the lower-right corner. If we choose the upper-right one, there will be a lot less conflicts.