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[nl] BEGROED (foute melding)

Feedback from a user of our browser addon:

Ik kreeg volgende melding: U bedoelde vast BEGROED.
BEGROED bestaat niet in het Nederlands.
Het is BEGROET. (zie schermafbeelding)

Just noticed that the affected rule is “WERD_VERWAARLOOST”. Sorry I should have posted in the related topic.

How I would love an option to spellcheck a suggestion and only allow it when correct.

Doesn’t suppress_misspelled="yes" work?

That is new for me. Where should I put that?

It belongs in the <match> tag.

I will try this next week.

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It does not work as I expected. It does suppress the wrong word, but the message is still there. If there are no suggestions, I would expect the entire message to disappear. So this option is currently only useful when there are multiple suggestions, of which one is certainly correct.