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Partial release of LanguageTool 4.9

Hi, there are still some issues with LibreOffice integration (, [DE] kritischer Fehler!), so we’re splitting the LanguageTool 4.9 release. The stand-alone version is now available from, the Maven artifacts for Java integration will be available in a few hours. The add-on for LibreOffice will hopefully be released in a few days as LT 4.9.1. A full release announcement will follow then.

The feature freeze is over now, feel free to commit to master as usual.

There are still issues with the LibreOffice add-on. A list can be found here:

I see these options:

  • skip the LibreOffice release for LT 4.9 (i.e. LT 4.9 is a “standalone only” release)
  • release LT 4.9 with the LibreOffice code rolled back to an earlier version
  • delay the release further and fix the issues
  • consider the issues to be not that important and release anyway now

I’m not sure, but I tend to skipping the LO add-on this time. @Fred.Kruse, what do you think?