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Problems with Libreoffice -Languague tool can not be started


I installed LT extension in my Libreoffice but when I try to use I get the message :slight_smile:Linguistic Services failed. Languague tool can not be started
Someone could help me?


I confirm that there might be a problem. See this thread:

As I reported there, LT 4.1 and 5.1.3 work fine, while 5.2.2 as well as the latest snapshots of 20200202 and 20200203 do not, even repeated words are not detected (tested on Dutch, English and Russian samples).

Also tested with Apache OpenOffice 4.2.0 (it is an old development build, just for clarity). The same situation: LT 5.1.3 works, 5.2.2 and the latest snapshots do not work.

I uninstalled LT 5,2 and I intalled version 4.1 over my LIbreOffice V7.0.4.2 (x64), but nothing happened, worse now I can not see the extention anymore

What if you try to install 5.1 over 4.1?

It seems that it is working, at least with the few tests I did.

Update: I have checked the snapshot of 20210207 with LO 6.3.6 and 7.1.0, and it works now. Hopefully, the problem is gone.