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Testing the new website

(Daniel Naber) #41

Please check, is everything okay now?


Yes, thank you, except for some problems:

  • messages.langs.zh is used in the language selector but there’s no such string
  • there is no string to translate for “Simplified Chinese” at the top of the webpage

I also have a question: why is the language code zh-CN-hans and not zh-hans?

(Lodewijk Arie van Brienen) #43

to allow for region specific variations.

(Daniel Naber) #44

This should be fixed now.

This is given by the translation platform (, so I just used it.

(Daniel Naber) #45

Here’s a proposal for a new color scheme, do you like it?

(Michael) #46

I liked purple better :slight_smile:

Maybe the blue could be a little more muted? But I don’t really have a strong opinion about that. Usability is more important for me than design.

(Mike Unwalla) #47

I like the colours, but as @Discostu wrote, usability is more important than design. More contrast between the white text and the background will help to increase readability.

(Daniel Naber) #48

Here’s a version with colors less strong - note that it’s fake, the text contrast will be better in the real design:

(Mike Unwalla) #49

I don’t understand. The background is lighter. Thus, whatever you do to improve the contrast in this version, the contrast will be less than in the previous version. (Unless you mean that you will change the text to black.)

(Jan Schreiber) #50

Yes, partly because I find it more pleasant (extremely subjective), but also because blue has been the predominant color of LanguageTool for so many years now. That’s what long-term users are familiar with.

I am not a designer, but when I try to think of a major brand that changed its predominant colors in the relatively recent past, the only one that comes to mind is McDonald’s.

(Daniel Naber) #51

New color proposal from our designer:

(Michael) #52

UnbenanntUnbenannt2 :thinking:

(Daniel Naber) #53

Thanks, fixed now.

(Yakov) #54

I see two big “v” sign in Internet explorer 11

(Daniel Naber) #55

I cannot reproduce that, which browser and OS version exactly is that?

(Yakov) #56

OS Windows 7 Prof 32 bit
Internet Explorer 11 (11.0.9600.18977IS)

(Yakov) #57

On Win 10 Russian (32-bit) and Internet Explorer 11 (11.2189.14393.0) this site is displayed correctly.

(Daniel Naber) #58

Thanks, I can now reproduce it and have opened an issue for our front-end guy.

(Daniel Naber) #59

I have changed the colors on to lighter ones (browser refresh / cache reset may be needed to see it).

(Mike Unwalla) #60

On the English website, I see this cookie notice: Diese Website nutzt Cookies, um bestmögliche Funktionalität bieten zu können und für Werbung. Mehr Infos / Datenschutzerklärung