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Testing the new website

(Mike Unwalla) #61

For English, the rules in some categories such as Plain English and Wikipedia are deactivated by default. Thus, gives no warning for the text “All things considered, you can…”, but on my standalone copy of LT, I get a warning. On, is it possible to active these rules?

  • If yes, how?
  • If no, in the Pricing section, I suggest that you add a note to tell people that the stand-alone version can find more errors.

(Daniel Naber) #62

I’ve just fixed that, thanks for noticing.

(Daniel Naber) #63

Not yet. It’s on my to do list, but we need a UI design first that doesn’t look too crowded.

(Daniel Naber) #64

Update: All strings of should now be ready for translation on Your changes at do not yet automatically show up on the website, I currently need to run a command for that. If you still spot untranslated strings in a few days even though you think you’ve translated everything, please let me know.

(Ruud Baars) #65

I will check the changes later next week, when back home.

(Daniel Naber) #66

I’ve updated the website, if you have made translations and they don’t show up at the site now, please let me know.