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What happens when I get a paid subscription ? What are the restrictions?

I’ve seen there is a way to contribute to LT by getting Premium or Enterprise subscriptions, but I can’t seem to find this information on the website.

What happens when I pay ? Do I get a code or other method of activating additional features in the plugins ? Email notification ? Is this in English only ? I’d lilke to invite French and Spanish-speaking friends and colleagues to register but the discount and checkout for example are not translated.

Does this require a separate account for each computer ? Is a contribution needed for each computer using this or is it only based on the 40K characters limit ?

If you contribute to LT, you can get a free Premium account. However, that’s meant as a “thank you” for existing contributors, it’s not meant as a way to find new contributors.

If you pay for a Premium account, your account on will get upgraded to the premium features listed at, it doesn’t matter whether you use that account on one or more computers.

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I wasn’t aware one could access Premium/Enterprise when contributing with code, translations, etc. Thanks for that.

I finally noticed in the Firefox plugin there is an option to "use my account at, I wish it was more visible.