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Whitelist URL for Language Tools

Hello, I help manage our Google settings for a school district. We currently have document sharing off for students. At least for outside the domain. I need to know what url I need to whitelist for the Google Docs extension of Language Tools to work for my students. I tried, but that did not help. When we launch LT it tells me we need to install a different extension for google docs. Then it tells me I do not have access to this service and I need to modify it in Google Admin. I think it is related to sharing the document, but I am not sure.

LT lives at (tool, not tools). As discussed in this thread, probably nobody of the LT developer has access to a Google admin console. So you’ll need to ask Google support for help, or search the web (e.g. here). I’m quite sure the issue you’re having is not specific to LT.